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Fixe Hely PLX/Duplex SS 3/8" x 31/2" Glue-In Bolt

Product No: 014-eplx

The Fixe #014 EPXL HELY - Duplex Stainless - HCR Glue-in bolt anchor has been specifically designed for safe, efficient bolting of even the most demanding routes. The rod design prevents bubbles forming and ensures that the glue is distributed evenly, without the need to turn the tensioner. This glue-in bolt has also been designed to be installed into holes of 3/8" or 10mm in diameter, reducing drill bit wear and impact on the rock.

placed properly
in good stone, glue-in
bolts are the strongest
anchors available.
Patience and experience
are required when
installing glue-in
bolts. The mixing
and installation
of the glue is the
key to a correctly
placed glue-in.
This type of bolt
works excellent
in soft or pocketed
stone. Although
not widely used
in the US glue-in
bolts are common
in Europe.

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