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Fixe PS 3/8 Draco Keylock Sport Anchor

Product code: 044B-3/8

The FIXE Sport Anchor is designed specifically for single-pitch sport climbs and climbing gyms. The high strength, 30kn and easy use, makes a pair of these Top Anchors an outstanding choice. The Sport Anchor design allows for the horizontal placement in a roof application.

  • 6750lbs / 30kn CE/UIAA Certified
  • 9,000lbs / 40kn Ultimate Breaking Strength
  • 4mm Stock (hanger)
  • 3/8" / 10mm Stock (ring)
  • Draco Key Lock Carabiner
    Available with:
  • Available with:
  • 10mm - 3/8" Bolt Hole (standard)
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