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Fixe PS Draco Keylock V Anchor Unit

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These units were manufactured with a slightly smaller diameter hole. Luckily the R7422 fits.

Sold as a complete unit. 1 - #007 and 2 - #R7422

The #R7422 requires a 1/2" drill bit #S804

The FIXE ā€œVā€ Anchor sets the bar for limiting liability exposure for any climbing gym or university program. The ā€œVā€ Anchor is the strongest, safest anchor for indoor use. Two DRACO carabiners placed in opposition eliminate the possibility of a rope escaping. The design equalizes the load between two attachment points.

  • 7,875lbs / 35kn CE/UIAA Certified
  • 3/8" / 10mm Bolt Hole (standard)
  • 1/2" / 13mm Bolt Hole
  • Plated Steel
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