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California Central Coast Climbs: San Luis Obispo

ISBN: 0-9729373-2-3

With over 18 years of experience of wandering the hills along the central coast, Tom Slater has put together a list of all the best crags in San Luis Obispo county. A complete list of routes, detailed directions and maps, accurate topos, and plenty of action photos will get you psyched and on the rock. While often overlooked, this vast area between the San Francisco Bay area and Santa Barbara is full of quality rock, and unlike many areas, there are almost never crowds. You can climb all year, weather permitting, and enjoy the beauty of the central coast. So the next time you are driving Hwy. 101 and wondering if there are good routes around, stop wondering. Grab this guidebook and get out of the car and find out for yourself. Highlights are Bishop Peak, Cerro Romualdo, and Silly Rock.

Author: Tom Slater

Published by K. Daniels Publishing
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