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Fixe PLX/Duplex SS 12 x 90mm Triplex 3-Piece Bolt

Product Code: T424PLX

The Fixe Triplex bolt was designed specifically for rock climbing. Triplex is the highest quality climbing bolt available. Triplex uses the same expansion principal as the Rawl 5-Piece bolt. Triplex takes anchoring a step further by eliminating the nose cone with a solid stud system. This design allows Easy Removal for replacement and consists of only 3 Parts. The sleeves expand by tightening the nut which draws the tapered stud from the hole. This system places the threads outside of the rock eliminating hidden thread and nose cone corrosion. The PLX/Duplex Stainless Steel model is suited for the most corrosive limestone. Triplex can be easily inspected for corrosion by quickly removing the entire unit. This bolt can be used in soft and pocketed rock. Triplex can also be utilized to equip a Glue-In anchor using the same hole size for both bolts. Triplex bolts are reusable!

  • CE/UIAA Certified
  • 12x90mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • PLX/Duplex Stainless Steel
  • 12mm Bolts TORQUE TO: 25 Foot Pounds / 35Nm
  • To be used with SS 1/2" hangers.


Fixe has been working on improving its anchor range with a highly corrosion resistant material (HCR) in order to increase safety in environments of all kinds, including marine and corrosive atmospheres, during a longer period of time. Our PLX material has been specifically developed to help withstand Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) and minimize Galvanic Corrosion (GC). The material also has improved characteristics compared to common corrosion, mechanical resistance and superficial wear and is far superior to conventional stainless steel products.

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