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RA316-1/2-R7322 Combo

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This is a sale combo of our 316 Ring Anchor (RA316-1/2) and the Powers stainless steel 1/2" x 3-3/4" wedge bolt (R7322).

The FIXE 316 Stainless Steel Ring Anchor (#RA316) is our strongest Top Anchor. Each unit is rated to 25kn. These units make excellent Top Anchors on multi-pitch routes. The high strength and double ring design offers multiple attachment points helping organize belays. The Ring Anchors should be placed on the same horizontal plane, at least 8” apart in good rock. This unit should be used in pairs or with another FIXE Top Anchor unit.  

The R7322 features:

1/2" Bolts TORQUE TO: 40 Foot Pounds


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