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Shelf Road Climbing 2nd Ed.

ISBN: 978-0-692-75336-1
"Tucked into a rural mountain valley on the southern portion of the front range of Colorado, shelf, is one of the rare jewels in the collection of the U.S. cragging areas. With vistas encompassing a rampart-to-range view, one gets a unique feeling for Colorado's exemplary topography. Encircling several small feeder canyons, the crags and cliffs beckon both the aspiring rock climber and polished rock veteran to wander underneath their varied faces. Whether in an intimate setting with pines and pinon skirting your location, or on the expanse of a long cliff face exposed to the southern sun, the variety of climbing is a siren's call to all who play in the vertical world." Jeff Bevan

Essays by Richard Aschert, Colin Lantz, Mark Hesse, Dave Dangle, Stewart Green and others

Over 800 total routes described.

Over 130 new routes included.

ISBN # 978-0-692-75336-1

Author : Bob D Antonio

Published by K. Daniels Publishing 2010

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