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TA316-1/2-R5930 Combo

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This is a sale combo of the TA316-1/2" and the Powers R5930. The FIXE Traditional Anchor (TA316) is designed for any type of route. When placed in good rock, the anchor simultaneously loads both bolt placements. The design locates the anchor bolts in a vertical orientation. This will eliminate the “Shock Load” possibility if one anchor bolt were to fail. This design is far superior to anchors that locate the anchor bolts across a horizontal plane.

The Rawl 5-Piece sleeve bolt is a construction grade fastener that is commonly used as a climbing anchor. Expansion is created by tightening a threaded bolt which draws a tapered cone expanding a sleeve against the walls of the hole. The Rawl 5-Piece bolt works well in soft rock where maximum expansion is required.

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