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Fixehardware was established in 1992 to deliver anchoring products designed specifically for rock climbing. Our products are manufactured in Spain using certified materials and passing the CE / UIAA certification process for quality and safety. Our product designs are based on the needs of the indoor and outdoor climbing community, construction and industrial markets, rigging and rope access professionals.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality rated and certified products available to support and serve our customers.

To date Fixehardware has donated well over $200,000.00 in product in support of anchor and bolt replacement in the US through the ASCA, ARI, individuals and local organizations. If you are involved in a re-bolting effort feel free to contact us.

Fixehardware is a company run by rock climbers. The initial concept for the company took place while climbing the Lotus Flower Tower in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimables in 1992. Over dinner with some neighboring Spanish climbers in the Cirques Fairy Meadows I introduced the idea of introducing this high quality product to the US market. A few months later my new Spanish partner and I shook hands at my father’s dining room table in Huntington Beach California and Fixehardware was in business. The first orders were shipped to customers from my father’s garage.

After 20 years of doing business we are still a very small operation, I work with my customers daily and try to field as many questions and phone calls as possible. Every customer I have is very important to me and most know me by name at this point.

Due to the huge amount of time I am spending answering bolting questions via email and telephone calls I have introduced a series of videos to help facilitate good bolting practices. These videos are based on 20 years of selling these products and the daily input and communication with manufactures, suppliers and developers worldwide. That said there is always something to learn, please send your comments and input to me directly at:.

Kevin Daniels

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