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Which metal should I use?

Good question. There are many options to consider and take a bit of time to figure out.

Here are some general rules. Please take the time to learn about each metal type before you commit to your purchase.

One should not mix Plated Steel and Stainless Steel products. This can cause Galvanic Corrosion, an electrochemical process which can excel stress corrosion cracking.

Learn more:

Plated Steel products are suited for industrial and rigging applications, indoor use and very dry climates.

Stainless Steel (304) products have been the standard in the USA for wet climates, but have recently been discouraged by the UIAA.

Duplex/PLX, HCR Stainless Steel products are now recommended by the UIAA for all outdoor use, especially limestone climbing areas and or near marine environments.

Plated Steel
Stainless 304 Steel
Click the links below for more information:
UIAA | ASCA | Fixe PLX info

Think about it! Are these products the best choice for your location?

These Plated Steel products are ideal for indoor, industrial and rigging applications. They can be used outdoors in arid environments not exposed to chlorine.

These Plated Steel products are not recommended for-

  • Any location near the ocean.
  • A humid or wet environment.
  • Limestone/Dolomite.
  • Acidic environments.



    The 304 Stainless Steel has been the standard metal used in the United States for climbing hardware for 20 years. We at Fixe Hardware consider this the minim standard for most applications.
    The Stainless Steel (304) products can be used in average environments excluding areas exposed to chlorine.
    These Stainless Steel products are not recommended for-

  • Any location near the ocean
  • Located inside near a swimming pool.

    Duplex/PLX, HCR-

    As our sport grows, so should our investment to safety.
    We at Fixe Hardware are transitioning our Stainless Steel products to our Duplex/PLX 1.4462 grade steel. Our Duplex/PLX products are classified as High Corrosion Resistant steel (HCR) and are our longest lasting units available.
    The Duplex/PLX Stainless Steel products can be used in wet environments excluding areas directly exposed to chlorine.
    It is recommended to use Duplex/PLX bolts with Duplex/PLX anchors in

    These Duplex/PLX Stainless Steel products are not recommended for-

  • Limestone sea cliffs

    See all Duplex/PLX, HCR products by clicking here.

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