FIXE Pro-Deal Program

Welcome to the Fixe Hardware Pro Purchase program

Thank you for your interest in Fixe’s Pro Purchase Program. This program is designed to support industry professionals, outdoor retail employees, and influential users with discounted prices of our product.




Membership in this program is a privilege and should be respected and used with discretion. Failure to adhere to any of the following policies is grounds for termination from the program.


  • • Memberships are for personal use only. This program is not intended to purchase products for others, to resell, or purchase for groups. Gyms and wholesalers should go to this link.
  • • Please respect the time of Fixe retailers. Of course we want you to talk up our products, but don’t waste their time.
  • • We need your input. You’re our eyes and ears on the ground your feedback is what will help us continue our growth and evolution.
  • • Membership must be renewed annually based on your active work status -- an email requesting current credentials will be sent out approximately 30 days prior to annual account expiration.
  • • All out-of-stock and backordered items will be canceled. If an item on your order is canceled, you will be notified of the cancellation and refunded promptly. The rest of your order will ship as normal.
  • • Your Pro purchase pricing is confidential. Please do not discuss your discounts.
  • • No returns. You may not return anything bought through this program to any store or retailer. Please refer to our returns link for details.




By participating in this program, you agree to adhere to the above guidelines of the Fixe Pro Purchase Program. Click the Pro Purchase Application link at the bottom of the page to complete a brief application to help us assess your eligibility. If approved, you will receive an emailed invitation from Fixe to log in to our online store with your new Pro Purchase account.

If you have any questions regarding your equipment, accounts, or orders, feel free to contact us at


We give these discounts to you, influential users, shop employees, movers and shakers. In turn we ask for your support. Please use and get to know our equipment, an educated user will help promote our brand. Give us your feedback! We are always trying to refine our products and you are our trusted source for improvements.


To maintain membership in our program please read and agree to the obligations below.

    • • Members will purchase one rope per year.
    • • Members will purchase $100 of hard goods per year.
    • • Members will provide some form of digital content to create brand awareness at least once a year.
    • • Members will link to all social media outlets.

Membership will be evaluated or closed due to inactivity and/or non fulfilment the above obligations.
We want you to be out there using our equipment, acting in a responsible manner and being a positive remodel to all others.


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