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Fixe Plated Steel Wiregate Carabiner w/captive bar

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This carabiner has been a top-selling product for over thirty years! In 1993 Fixe Hardware introduced the first steel bent-gate gym carabiner. The design has been updated and our steel wire-gate carabiner remains as popular as ever. This plated steel carabiner is popular for use on gym walls, fixed-draws on steep routes, lower-off anchors, top-roping, and anywhere you want a strong wear resistant carabiner. The wire-gate design eliminates the "sticky gates" syndrome and the captive bar (installed with an included allen key) prevents the carabiner from getting stolen or getting cross loaded. As a bonus, your rope will last longer and stay cleaner by eliminating aluminum carabiners.

-Wiregate design

-Plated Steel

-CE certified: EN12275/T; 30kN major, 12kN minor, 16N open gate. 

-Includes removable "captive bar" and allen key


CE / UIAA certified


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