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015-1/2 X R6932 Combo

015-1/2 X R6932 Combo
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This is a sale combo of our plated steel 1/2" hanger (015-1/2) and the Powers plated steel 1/2" x 3-1/2" 5-piece bolt (R6932). The 015 hanger features: Breaking strength: 25 kN. Diameter: 1/2in. Rounded inner edge for less wear on carabiners Geometry directs the carabiner for optimal orientation on overhangs. Conical Washer Anti-rotation pins. Optimized surface area contact with the rock The R6932 features: 1/2" Bolts TORQUE TO: 40 Foot Pounds

*Fixe does not recommend plated steel for outdoor use

*If you choose to use plated steel outdoors, use only in arid and low corrosive environments.

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