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2400 Prism Pack - Large

Move fast to and up your climb with the balanced weight, security, and comfort that the Prism brings to your Winter pursuits. Ideal for weekend or section hikes where frequent resupply points are available. Charge headlong into the spectrum of winter’s white light with the pack built for alpine adventure. The Prism beckons ice climbers, mountaineers, alpinists, and backcountry skiers to think big and go deep. Designed to meet at the intersection of speed, weight, security, and comfort, this top-loading pack features an extendable drawstring closure and an adjustable, removable low-profile lid. The hip belt provides two gear racks and two ice clipper slots, but is removable when not required for the task at hand, or when wearing a climbing harness. Climbers can store a rope under the lid, glacier adventurers can store their wands in the side pockets, and backcountry skiers can depend on the A-frame carry when they’re on foot marching up the steep stuff. SPECS & DIMENSIONS Materials DCH150 + DCHW Internal Volume 40L External Volume 9.8L Weight 1.82lbs Load Capacity Up to 50lbs Back Width 11" | 27.9cm Height (Fully Unrolled) 35" | 88.9cm Top Circumference 38" | 96.5cm Bottom Circumference 28" | 71.1cm Made In MAINE, USA
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