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Bouldering Lake Tahoe-West Shore 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3202-9

Bouldering Lake Tahoe-West Shore 2nd Edition features over 3,900 problems at 15 different areas.

This is a comprehensive guide covering every pebble that has been wrestled on and around the west shore of Tahoe. Some of the areas included are: Sugar Pine, Meeks Bay, Lost Corner Mountain, Bliss, Lost in Space, The Eagle’s Nest, Lake Azure, Cascade Falls, Voodoo Stones, Angora Lakes and much more. It has full color photos of all the boulders, topos, overview maps, breathtaking photography and everything else you need to get you to the boulders.This book is written by local climbing pioneer Dave Hatchett, so you can be assured the info will be accurate and up date.

Available Now! Author: Dave Hatchet.

Published by Tahoe Bouldering Guides.

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