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Fixe 316 Stainless 10mm x 160mm Glue-in Bolt

Product code: GB316-7

When placed properly in good stone glue-in bolts are the strongest anchors available. Patience and experience are required when installing glue-in bolts. The mixing and installation of the glue is the key to a correctly placed glue-in. This type of bolt works excellent in soft or pocketed stone. Although not widely used in the US glue-in bolts are common in Europe.

In December 2018, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published the review of the EN959 standard, where it places stainless steel in the second link of its table of materials. In 316L stainless steel we find a widely proven material, easier to work with at process and machinery level and, above all, widely used in a multitude of market components. We remain cognizant that sometimes, and despite not being the best practice, our materials are mixed, and that’s why that we prefer to offer a known and compatible material to avoid for example galvanic corrosion. Fixe does not recommend its use in highly corrosive environments.

The 10mm bolts require a 12mm or 1/2" diameter hole.


If you have questions regarding glue-in bolts or their placement please feel free to contact us.

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  • Rated to 35kn CE/UIAA Certified
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