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Fixe 9.2 Oliana 70m

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Available late spring 2024



The Oliana

This all-purpose rope is triple certified as single, half, and twin. It is mainly recommended for sport climbers who are looking for a light, high-performance rope. Its Fusion construction provides greater security when climbing over sharp rocks and ridges. With a slim diameter and weighing only 56gr/m, it is excellent for on-sight climbing and challenging routes. It is also an ideal rope for climbing guides who want a lightweight rope that is also durable.

Oliana, in the Alt Urgell region of Catalonia (Spain) is one of the world's meccas for sport climbing. There you can find 50-metre-long overhanging routes where the weight of the rope has a great influence on the result of the climb.


  • Diameter: 9.2 mm.
  • Certification: Single, Half, and Twin.
  • Nature treatment: 100% PFC-free.
  • Endurance construction: A smooth sheath with a 1x1 weave with 48 different threads to boost durability and improve handling
  • Fusion: Prevents sheath slippage. The rope’s performance is extended by the binding of the sheath and the core.


  • Middle Mark: indicates the halfway point on the rope with a black mark.
  • 8m Marks: marking system that uses a red mark to indicate that there are 8 meters left to reach the end of the rope.
  • Reflector: reflective indicator at both ends of the rope.
  • Ultrasonic cut: stiffens the rope ends and protects them from wear.

Lengths available: 50, 60, 70, 80, 100, and 200 meters.
Colors available: Blue and Green.
Manufactured in: Sant Quirze de Besora (Barcelona – Pyrenees), Spain.

Technical information

N Falls 5/5/12 - Weight 56g/m - Impact force 7.1/7.1/7.4KN - Slippage 0mm - Dynamic Elong. 37/37/27% - Static Elong. 8/8/7% - Sheath 40%

Packaging info

Vegetal Base Ink
27% Recycled material
100% Recyclable material
4% Synthetic (40% recycled)

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