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Fixe 9.6 Siurana Endurance

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C100962040 /  (40M) Red / Retail: $99.95

C100962060 /  (60M) Red / Retail: $154.95

C100962070 / (70M) Red / Retail: $174.95

C100962080 /  (80M) Red / Retail: $194.95

As low as $99.95

The Suriana 9.6 with Roca Endurance sheath has the same specifications and build as the Rainbow without the hand dyed finish. A great sport climbing and alpine rope this high strength high abrasion resistant cord is a great value and a premium climbing rope. Built to last and offering a “Soft Catch” this rope has received great reviews!


    • Features:

        • Thickness (mm): 9.6

        • 'Middle Mark' on rope

        • Max impact force (kN): 8.2

        • Number of UIAA falls (min): 7

        • Dynamic elongation (%): 36

        • Static Elongation (%): 6.5

        • Weight (g/meter): 65





Made in Spain by TechRock S.L. - An ISO 9001 Certified Company

*ROCA Rope series UIAA Certification

The 100M Siurana is cut from a spool and has a middle mark.


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