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Fixe 9.8 FOIXARDA - 70m

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The Foixarda rope is an excellent choice for beginners in sport climbing, whether on rock or a climbing wall. It offers a comfortable handling experience and is ideal for climbers who value an extra touch of security with their belay devices. With a diameter of 9.8 mm, it is highly sought after by sport climbers and suitable for climbers of all levels.

The Foixarda Tunnel, located in Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona, is one of the world s largest outdoor urban climbing walls. It has served as the gateway to the world of climbing for generations of climbers in the city and has inspired the name of this rope. Although its heyday was in the 1990s, it remains a popular meeting point for urban climbers.


  • Diameter: 9.8 mm
  • Certification: Single
  • Nature treatment: It does not have a water-repellent treatment. Flexible and easy to handle. 100% PFC-free
  • Classic + construction: Handles well with belay devices. Braided with 48 threads in a 2x2 weave.


  • Middle Mark: Indicates the halfway point on the rope with a black mark
  • 8 Marks: Marking system that uses a red mark to indicate that there are 8 meters left to reach the end of the rope
  • Reflector: Reflective indicator at both ends of the rope
  • Ultrasonic cut: Stiffens the rope ends and protects them from wear

Lengths available: 60m, 70m, and 80m
Colours available: Green and Red
Manufactured in: Sant Quirze de Besora (Barcelona – Pyrenees), Spain

Technical Information

N Falls: 7
Weight: 62g/m
Impact force: 8.6KN
Slippage: 0mm
Dynamic Elong.: 31%
Static Elong.: 7%
Sheath: 36%
Certifications: CE0082 EN892 UIAA101

Packaging Information

Vegetal Base Ink
Recycled material: 27%
Recyclable material: 100%
Synthetic (recycled): 4% (40% recycled)

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