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Fixe 316 Stainless 1/2 V Double Ring Anchor

Product Code: DV316-1/2

Our alternative in V, without carabiner, adding flexibility and reliability on the most difficult terrains.


Fixe has been working on improving its anchor range with a highly corrosion resistant material (HCR) in order to increase safety in environments of all kinds, including marine and corrosive atmospheres, during a longer period of time. Our PLX material has been specifically developed to help withstand Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) and minimize Galvanic Corrosion (GC). The material also has improved characteristics compared to common corrosion, mechanical resistance and superficial wear and is far superior to conventional stainless steel products.



      • Rated to 7,875lbs / 35kn CE/UIAA Certified

      • 316 Stainless Steel

      • Hanger = 3.5mm

      • Chain = 5/16"

      • Ring = 10mm Rod stock

    • 1/2" / 12.8mm Bolt Hole

Technique & Security Specifications

FIXE Product Spec: UIAA, CE, PLX-High Corrosion Resistant



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