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FIXE Plated Steel 3/8 Traditional Anchor

Product code: TAPS-3/8

The FIXE Traditional Anchor is designed for any type of route. When placed in good rock, the anchor simultaneously loads both bolt placements. The design locates the anchor bolts in a vertical orientation. This will eliminate the “Shock Load” possibility if one anchor bolt were to fail. This design is far superior to anchors that locate the anchor bolts across a horizontal plane.

  • 4950lbs / 22kn CE/UIAA Certified
  • 3.5mm Stock (hanger)
  • 10mm Stock (ring)

    Available with
  • 3/8" / 10mm Bolt Hole (standard)
  • 3/8" / 10mm Bolt Hole (tan option)
  • 1/2" / 13mm Bolt Hole


*Fixe does not recommend plated steel for outdoor use

*If you choose to use plated steel outdoors, use only in arid and low corrosive environments.


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