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Fixe 8mm Stainless Chain (per link)

Part No: CL-8-SS

Custom Lengths Now Available!

- Order by link quantity
- Each link is about 2 inches in length.
- About 8 links per foot.
- Exact link count may vary if ordering by the foot as the chain length increases (You estimate the links required, we'll make sure you get the correct length when cut).

*No refunds. All chain sales are final after being cut.

To order single or multiple chain lengths, please determine the overall length of links needed (by 8 links per foot) and then indicate in the text field below how many separate lengths you would like. We will cut the overall length into separate lengths.

For example, for 3, 10 foot lengths, you would order 240 links (30 feet x 8 links). You will receive 3 separate 10 foot long chain lengths.

*If you do not ask for the chain to be cut into separate sections/length, you will receive a single un-cut chain.



Fixe chain is a tested and inspected industrial product. It can be used for a variety of anchor systems: Building anchors, extending anchors, equipping routes with fixed draws, etc. Fixe chain is the highest quality chain available.

*Sold by the link (8 links per foot)

Large link size easily accommodates fat ropes and big quicklinks/carabiners.


  • MBS:30kN
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 8mm diameter 
  • Argon Welded and Polished
  • Independently tested to over 50kN before failure


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