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FIXE Titanium Glue In U Bolt

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Fixe’s ultimate solution for installations in the most corrosive environments, such as marine environments, among others. The titanium Glue in bolt complies with the highest design and material requirements proposed by the regulatory committees. Made of grade 2 titanium, under the EN959: 2018 standard, it offers a resistance of 25kN. Weighing only 52g. With a diameter of 8mm and designed for 10mm or 3/8" holes.


Certifications: EN795:2012, EN959:2018, EN365:2004

Rod Diameter: 8mm

Country of origin: Spain

Color: Titanium

Material: Ti Grade 2

Breaking Strength: 25kN


    -the rod is 8mm and designed for 10mm / 3/8" holes

    -embedment depth should be 90mm for the long leg or 80mm if measuring from the short leg

    -drill one hole and insert the longer leg of the “U” to visualize and mark where the second hole should be drilled

    -properly clean both holes

    -insert the adhesive

    -One leg of the “U” is longer than the other; the longer side should be place in the top of the two holes.

    -designed only to be placed in a vertical orientation. (Holes must be drilled one above the other and not side by side)

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