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MIKU V2 Belay Device

Product No: E30206

Our multi-functional Fixe Belay Device offers a mix of lightness and durability. We’ve taken away unneeded material but kept a healthy amount of forged aluminum in the major wear spots.

This belay device offers a smooth lead belay and can belay a second from an anchor above.

This device can be used at the gym, the crag, and in the mountains. Accommodating ropes from 8-11mm.

  • Features:

    • EAN13: 8436020004148

    • Material: Aluminum

    • Weight: 82g

    • Standard CEN: EN15151-2

    • Standard UIAA: 129

    • Rope pith diameter: Ø8 to 11mm



Made in Spain by TechRock S.L. - An ISO 9001 Certified Company


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