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Fixe Hardware Hand Drill


FixeHardware Hand-Drill

This is an extremely compact and lightweight system for placing rock anchors without the use of power tools. Suitable in areas where power tools aren’t allowed as well as extremely remote regions where going light is the appropriate option.

-Lightweight: 3.8oz / 108g

-Short overall length for ease of use especially from uncomfortable stances. Overall length with a standard 6in drill bit is only 6in

-Uses readily available SDS+ bits. This drill is designed for use with 6” bits however it can be used with a variety of lengths and diameters

-Includes one high quality 3/8”x6” SDS+ drill bit

-Includes appropriate hex key for changing bits

-Includes attached cord for use as a wrist sling or leash to prevent drops

Think twice before permanently altering the rock! Only place bolts when natural gear placements are unavailable. Placing bolts requires experience/expert instruction, practice in an appropriate place.


-The set screws should seat into the two oval concavities near the end of the drill bit. Do not over tighten the set-screws; the bit should be able to move freely up and down about a 1/4”.

-Blue Loctite is recommended on the set screws. We ship these out with Loctite already installed, however, future applications are recommended as needed.

-When changing bits in the field only loosen the screw in the red collar enough to slide the handle out of the way in order to access the set-screws below. Loosening this screw too much may result in dropped parts.

-When tightening the red collar, allow a small amount of space for the leash to rotate freely.

-Please call us for more information or if you need replacement parts.








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