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Fixe 10.2 Pro Gym Standard Rope - $127.95 & Up

Product No / Price $
C000021040 / $117.95 (40M) Green
C000021200 / $588.95 (200M Spool) Green
C000020200 / $588.95 (200M Spool) Red

As low as $127.95

Our Pro Gym rope has been in our lineup for years and continues to be a great buy. Originally designed to be a durable lead rope for indoor and outdoor use, but has been excepted as a gym top rope as well. This rope has been popular with guides as the rope is durable and easy for clients to use.


    • Features:

        • Length (m): 40m & 200m Spool

        • Max impact force (kN): 7.6

        • Number of UIAA falls (min): 6

        • Elongation under 80kg (%): 6.09

        • Sheath slippage (mm): 0

        • 1M, Weight (g): 69

        • Weight (approx): 34 lbs


Roca has been making ropes for over 125 years and is well known in Europe. All Roca ropes are CE certified.





Made in Spain by TechRock S.L. - An ISO 9001 Certified Company

*ROCA Rope series UIAA Certification

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